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Marvel Heroes Mix & Match Storybook

Published by: Penny Candy Press: 

ISBN 157791299-3


            Nothing fires the imagination of a child like the fantastic tales of super heroes fighting crime and facing off against super villains. The Marvel Heroes Mix & Match Storybook uses all the familiar Marvel characters, settings, and weapons, and puts readers in control of the story.

            The stories are simple shells, but that’s where the creativity of the reader’s mind can be used to fill in the blanks. In one example: “Mole man drove, his time stopper, at the basketball arena, but it got blasted, thanks to Wolverine’s claws!” Mole man could have just as easily driven “his doomsday device”, “the mutant evolution ray”, or “his nuclear pinball machine” at the basket ball arena, it all depends on how you mix and match the flaps. In fact there are 40000 different stories that can be mixed and matched together by flipping through the five individual panes in this book.

            This book is short and the stories are simple and straight forward. Each illustration is colorful and dramatic, and each new mix offers readers the opportunity to take control, imagine, and most of all, have fun.

The above review was contributed by: Christopher Friesen-Writer and Book Reviewer from Canada. To read more of Chris's reviews CLICK HERE


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