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101 Simple Suggestions and Quotations to Express

Author: Linda M. Furiate

 ISBN: 0595324134

The following review was submitted by: Paul Lappen: CLICK TO VIEW Paul Lappen's Reviews

One of the hardest things for any person to do is to
show compassion and empathy toward someone else. When
a person is grieving, or otherwise having a very hard
time, what does one say or do without going overboard?
This book gives the answer.

Here are some examples. If someone close to you has
recently lost a loved one or has been in an accident,
send them a card, to express how you feel. Really
listen when someone tells you about their day. Call
your parents and/or siblings for no reason, other than
to say that you love them. Be open to constructive
criticism from someone you admire and respect. Read to
a child. Call or visit your grandparents and ask them
to tell you stories about themselves when they were

Remember someone in your life who has died. Call or
visit a person you know who also knew this person and
talk about the great times the three of you had
together. When invited into someone's home for a
gathering, always bring a small gift of appreciation.
It is only in the silence that we can hear God's
voice. Become your own best friend. This way you will
never be lonely. Help an elderly person carry their
groceries to the car. Practice patience. Find at least
one positive characteristic in everyone you meet. When
talking to someone in a wheelchair, lean over or sit
down, to be at their eye level. Get involved in at
least one "cause" to make this world a better place.

This is a really good book. At one time or another,
everyone will need a book like this, or knows someone
who will need a book like this. It's short, with one
suggestion per page, it's very easy to read, and it
says a lot. Highly recommended.

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