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Confessions of a Crack Head (an anonymous memoir)

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Author Zach Samuels

Publisher: Wheatmark

ISBN: 978-1-60494-091-6


Meet Zach Samuels - a recovering drug addict. Like many addicts, he has probably tried everything from dope to crack cocaine and all that falls in between. This is his story.

Looking back to the time when he was a kid, Zach always knew he was what you’d call “spoilt”.  He was used to getting his own way - even if that meant crying every day to achieve it.  

As he grew up, he became fascinated with his uncle’s heavy smoking habit and would often pick up the buts of discarded cigarettes found on the driveway. This would give him his first little “high”.

Things became more highly addictive for Zach whose addictive personality led him to try cocaine which he “fell in love” with. Gradually he was getting a lift from Mrs Cocaine every day until he realized enough was enough and sought help at a recovery meeting. There Zach learns that Bob will become his sponsor. Finally people are going to give him the help he needs…. or are they? 

At the meetings Zach comes across Kami, a manipulative cow for use of a better word. She is a persistent and spoilt brat who usually has Zach drinking beer - not a thing he wanted to do.

Eventually, thankfully, Zach sees through and gets shut of Kami.

It is really at this point in the book that Zach meets his friend, like an angel sent straight from heaven, Marc comes into his life.

These two men have very similar things in common - both are Jewish for a start. Zach learns Marc is one of the nicest people he has ever met. They quickly become not only friends but also the best of friends. The closest two friends can come together.

I could see such a good bond between them just from reading a page or two. I could also see the wonderful influence Marc had on Zach - he taught him to say no to kicks and when Zach had let himself be seduced by the powerful lure of drugs Marc simply said, “you’re going to be OK”. 

Words like this were like medicine; they cured Zack and helped him stay clean for the next five years.

However such terrible sadness is to come when a phone call from Zach’s friend Dell, changes his life.

I was so sad to read this chapter - tears were in my eyes and also a considerable amount of anger built up inside me. Why is it life always gives you the rotten apples and throws away the good? It really makes you think about how addicts are as a person - the picture that TV and media often present of drug addicts is wrong. These are not mindless hooligans lurking in the dark corners of alleyways under the guise of night. They have feelings and care deeply for others. 

The following chapter is a list of journal entries Zach made, recalling various people and places. He mentions Marc “I can’t believe that you’re actually gone.”

Zach talks about “using against your own will” and says that this is something only a fellow addict can understand. He wishes so much to be clean again but wonders how.

Even smoking around his own daughter is not enough to help Zach stop and see what he’s doing to people around him. But then again perhaps this is “something only an addict can understand”.

I read on and learnt more about Zach’s addiction and the horrible wake it leaves behind. He talks about how he neglected the family’s pets that eventually died of starvation. It makes me sick that the innocent lives of these harmless, dependant little creatures had to end because of one man’s temptations. Although I do also understand much of what Zach is trying to tell of his addiction. 

I finished reading and felt so glad to have come across this book. Even if you’re not an addict yourself, you can understand much of what torment Zach went through.

Read this unsettling memoir and I promise you will enjoy it. I did.

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Click Here To Read An Interview With Zach Samuels

The above review was contributed by: Jessica Roberts:  Jessica is a book reviewer for a local newspaper and has reviewed for a national women's magazine too. She has had various articles published in magazines and has now completed her novel. Jessica currently lives in West Yorkshire and enjoys walking in the dales and woodlands as part of her hobby as well as, of course, reviewing books. To read more of Jessica's reviews  CLICK HERE 

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