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The Fullness of Time, The Truth About What's Coming and When

Author: J.B. Orly
ISBN: 1-59109-159-4

The following review was contributed by: Reviewed by  Jim Curtiss

The Fullness of Time, The Truth About What's Coming and When
By J.B. Orly
ISBN: 1-59109-159-4

Reviewed by Jim Curtiss

"Where is God in this moment of time?" is the central question addressed
in The Fullness of Time, The Truth About What's Coming and When, J.B.
Orly's 530-page Christian study.

Meticulously researched, The Fullness of Time is a book whose target audience
is the contemporary Christian seeker, not someone in search of some light reading.

Not to say thatOrly's prose isn't readable - in fact, just the opposite.
Orly writeswith a clarity that allows the deeply philosophical topics addressed in

The Fullness of Time to be delivered to a broader audience. For
instance, at the start of Chapter 1, Orly writes:

"Conviction filled my heart. I was 14. Some thing just hit me on the
inside, and hit me hard. Suddenly, I realized I needed the Lord to be
close, to touch me. I was in church and had just heard God's Word
preached. I wanted to be baptized. The feeling was indescribable.
"So here I am, years later, writing my recent experiences with the Lord.
It was 1995. I was being obedient to the Lord's wishes in my life, but
He had something in store for me. That year was the peak of an intense
shower of revelations in which He showed me many things to come - and
when. Incredibly, I still continue to receive more of the same - only
not as intense."

It is perhaps natural to react skeptically when a person claims to be a
scribe of Heaven - as Orly does in his preface - which makes the
prodigious cross-referencing and citations that fill The Fullness of
Time all the more vital: they grant credence where it might otherwise be
held back, such as when Orly states, on page 478, that during the Second
Coming of Christ, just 144,000 souls will be redeemed.

Another portion of the book where the reader's credulity is tested in on
page 39, where Orly writes:
"Revelations can come by many modes and channels. I received the meaning
of Zechariah 11:7-14 after praying a concentrated prayer three nights in
succession - it has produced many blessings."

It is fascinating that Orly has revelations - but the reader is curious
to hear more about such descriptions to judge for herself: Produced
blessings how? Received meaning how? Luckily, much fuller descriptions
are to be found elsewhere, where Orly writes in greater detail of other
such revelations.

Overall, The Fullness of Time is a very readable, enjoyable book if one
tends towards the more conservative aspects of Christianity.
Nonetheless, the reviewer must admit to certain misgivings about the

 For while Orly is obviously a person of deeply-held beliefs and
conviction, the author is also a person who can render dogmatic
judgments. For example, on Page 43, when speaking of spiritual
discernment, Orly writes:
". In contrast, Dark Age belief in miracles is associated with mystery,
superstition, and claims of supernatural events, even witchcraft, which
cannot be verified objectively. They are still with us today,
particularly in locations such as India, Africa, South American, and
other backward civilizations."

Here, Orly seems to dismiss fully 40% of the globe as being backward,
which surely cannot be tenable - especially in the case of India, which
though monetarily poor has a very rich and well-developed spiritual

To come full circle, where is God in this moment in Time? Though many
might claim that for us mortals this question is unanswerable, Orly's
respectably thorough efforts coalesce to present a thoughtful
perspective worthy of consideration.

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