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1001 Ways To Market Your Books: 5th Edition by John Kremer

Can you imagine a book entitled 1001 Ways to Market Your Books?

At first I was doubtful that any author would be able to realistically provide a guide that would contain 1001 ways to help you market your book. However, after reading John Kremer’s extensive guidebook, 1001 Ways To Market Your Book-5th Edition, my doubts were tossed aside and in fact I would have to admit that the book would qualify as recommended reading for a college level course.

As the author mentions in the introduction, “this book is not intended to be a textbook on how to market books. Rather, it is designed to be an organized potpourri of useful ideas, examples, tips, and suggestions to stimulate your creativity and encourage you to explore new ways to market your books.” In other words, one of the keys is that both the author and the publisher must take a pro-active role in the marketing of the book.

Kremer, who is an acknowledged expert on book publishing, addresses his book to both the publisher and the author. It is partitioned into 21 chapters analyzing such topics as effective marketing, designing your books, sales aids, promotion, publicity and advertising, internet selling of your book, distribution, working with bookstores, school and library selling, subsidiary rights, overseas selling, special opportunities, and leveraging your skills.

Within each of these segments the author in straight-talking language explains in detail the basic principles of effective marketing as well as the “nuts and bolts” of the book publishing industry.

Although many sections of the book seem to be addressed primarily to the publisher, Kremer does try to include the authors in imparting his vast knowledge. This is accomplished by cleverly placing a little summary box at the end of most sections addressed uniquely to the author.

Moreover, several individuals and companies were invited as sponsors by the author to write one-page articles that provide good marketing tips to book publishers and authors. For example, Marilyn and Tom Ross, the co-authors of the best-selling Complete Guide to Self-Publishing” contributed a very short piece on the four success principles.

As an added feature the author has included many reference sources with web site addresses, telephone numbers, addresses and their descriptions.

Kremer emphasizes the principle that you cannot neglect the reality that selling a book is no different than selling any other item and effective business practices are essential if you hope to succeed. One such important principle is to remember the 80/20 rule wherein 80% of your business comes only from 20% of your customers. Consequently, it is necessary to keep yourself focused. Knowing if you have a market for your book and who comprises the market can never be omitted from your plan of action.

How often do we encounter someone who tells us that we should write a book about our personal experiences? Frankly we have to ask ourselves, who cares?

Considering the monumental scope of the subject matter, Kremer has written a masterly book that should be required reading for all publishers and authors.

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