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A Conversation With Cathy Bueti author of Breastless in the City: A Young Woman's Story of Love, Loss, and Breast Cancer.


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Author: Cathy Bueti

ISBN: 10: 1596240369


Today, Norm Goldman, Editor& Publisher of is pleased to have as our guest, Cathy Bueti author of Breastless in the City:  A Young Woman's Story of Love, Loss, and Breast Cancer.

Good day Cathy and thanks for participating in our interview.


Cathy, I noticed reading over your bio that you sent to me that you have gone through terrible tragedies over the course of your young life. Your first husband was killed in an auto accident at the age of twenty-five and you were diagnosed with breast cancer at 31. In addition, you grew up with an alcoholic father and childhood was very tumultuous. What kept you going?


I have always believed that things happen for a reason.  I believe that everything I have gone through has made me grow as a person.  I have learned a great deal about myself and about life by having gone through it.  That’s not to say though that I haven’t been extremely frustrated and wanted to give up at times.  I certainly have had those moments.  I think all of us have.  It is our ability to dig deep into our souls to find the strength to go on after difficult things that makes us survivors.

Those are the moments when you find out just what you are made of.  We are often much stronger than we think!  I also think it is important to reach out to family and friends for help at our low points which can be difficult.  I know it was hard for me.  I wanted to isolate myself at times but tried hard to reach out to others for help and support.  I tried to surround myself with positive people as much as I could.  I think that is important as well.


Could you tell our readers a little about your book Breastless in the City: A Young Woman's Story of Love, Loss, and Breast Cancer?


My book is a memoir about my experience as a young single woman navigating the dating scene after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  My book begins with the death of my first husband and then I discuss my online dating experiences when in the middle of that I find out I have breast cancer. 

I get into what it was like to go through my mastectomy and reconstructive surgery as well as my chemo treatments which caused me to loose all my hair and be very sick at times.  Through all that I chronicle the men I met and dated, what their reactions were to my illness, how some walked away and how one stayed for the wrong reasons.  It is about my fears, self esteem issues, and my desire to find love again all the while hoping I would survive. 


Why did you feel compelled to write this book?

I wanted to share my story to help other young women going through breast cancer especially those who were single and out there dating.  When I was diagnosed I looked for information for someone like me and didn’t find much.  I like to read memoirs and although I found a couple written by women my age the authors were married at the time.  I felt like I had a unique story being a young widow who is looking to find love again when she faces losing her breast as well as her hair to chemo.  

I have always loved to write and I finally found a way to use that gift to help others through writing this book. I also hope it brings more attention to the fact that young women can and do get breast cancer.   My age group has a lower survival rate and this may be due to finding it at later stages as young women often hear from doctors “don’t worry, you are too  young to have breast cancer”


What is the underlying message in your book?


I think there is more than one message people can take away from my book.  One of the messages young women can take away is that no matter what terrible things you may go through in love or in life doesn’t mean that someday you can’t find happiness.  This is a book that can inspire many people and not just those going through breast cancer.  

Anyone with self esteem issues or those who have suffered through great losses, or grew up in the midst of difficult circumstances such as I have will find comfort in connecting with someone who has experienced the same thing.  I think that during the healing process it can be very helpful to connect with others who understand just what you are going through. 


How do you approach the work of writing your book? What challenges or obstacles did you encounter while writing your book? How did you overcome these challenges?


As I began to write the book I was overwhelmed.  I had all this information swimming around in my head and wasn’t sure how I would ever get it all down on paper.  I also was forced to pull out a lot of emotions I had safely put away that I didn’t ever want to face again. 

Writing the book forced me to deal with those emotions and experiences.    There were many tears as well as anxiety brought back to the surface that made it hard at times.  The thing that kept me going was knowing how much I could help other people by sharing the difficult things I had gone through.  I kept thinking of them every time I thought I wouldn’t be able to complete the process.


Did you do any additional research when writing this book, aside from your own experiences?


I did a bit of research in writing my query letter as far as information on statistics of breast cancer in young women to stress the importance of the audience I was hoping to reach with my story.  Other than that, it was pretty much my own experience documented on paper.


Can you tell us how you found representation for your book? Did you pitch it to an agent, or query publishers who would most likely publish this type of book? Any rejections?


I sent out many query letters to various agents first.  I received mostly rejections!  Many of the responses I received said that there were too many books on breast cancer and that medical memoirs were a hard sell.  Even with all that I felt so strongly about wanting to help others that I kept sending out letters trying hard not to get too disappointed, trying not to give up. 

It took about 7 months and I found an agent who was interested in reading my proposal.  I sent her the proposal right away and within a week she offered representation although she explained that it wouldn’t be an easy sell for the reasons I had heard already from other agents. Within a couple of weeks after getting turned down by some of the big publishing houses she got an offer from Cleveland Clinic Press who is the publisher of my book. 


Any unique ways you'll be marketing your book that is different from how others authors market their books? Will you be using the Internet?


I think the internet is an incredible resource and has helped me in the promotion process.  I have a platform to speak from as a breast cancer survivor so in the marketing of my book I have been connecting with different organizations focused on the needs of young people with cancer.  I also plan to explore speaking opportunities through colleges and high schools as I feel it is never too early for young girls to learn how to be proactive about their health. 


What has been your overall experience as a published author?


It has been an exciting time for me.  I have heard from some women going through or having gone through breast cancer telling me how much reading my book has helped them.  That warms my heart as it is the reason I wanted to write my story.  It has also been difficult at times being an unknown author.  I am learning through this process how much work it is to get your book out there!  But in the process I am connecting with some great people!


Is there anything else you wish to ad and what is next for Cathy Bueti?


 I hope to continue with my writing.  I have a lot of ideas in my head for other projects that could be of help to others.  I would like to write another book but this time about life after cancer telling how I got back to my life, what I learned, how I changed my diet for the good of my future health and how difficult an adjustment it has been being a cancer survivor with tips on how to live well after cancer. 

Thanks once again and good luck with all of your future endeavors.

To read more about Cathy Bueti and her book CLICK HERE

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