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Dreams My Lamp unto the Darkness

Author: Walt Stover, M.A.

ISBN: 9781567768569

Walt Stover’s Dreams My Lamp unto the Darkness is an accessible must-read exploration of the mystical world of dreams and how they may be applied to improve your everyday living.

Stover has pulled together an impressive array of findings that are based on his more than 15,000 dreams that began in 1978 and that he documented in his own journal. In fact, his work with precognitive stock market dreams has been favorably referred to in several magazines. However, Stover warns us that investments based on dreams are inherently risky as dream interpretation is highly subjective containing many assumptions and uncertainties.

The book begins with a fascinating overview of many examples of historic precognitive dreams. We read about Hannibal’s dream of great victory, King Thutmose IV’s dream of restoring the Sphinx, Napoleon’s dream of his defeat at Waterloo, Elias Howe dream of his sewing machine invention, and Kekule’s dream about Benzene.

Skeptics may point to science and say there is no rationale for these dreams as it is impossible to explain them using scientific guidelines. However, as Stover states, “when we move into the arena of intuition, precognition, or psychic behavior we leave behind the familiar comfortable boundaries of the hard sciences where rigid adherence to specific rules dominate.” The paranormal deals with events that cannot be explained based on rules and the laws of physical science. Thus, if you are to gain something from this book, it is necessary to come with an open-mind and put aside the scientific method that we are accustomed to in explaining various phenomena.   

After treating us to an exposé of historical dreams, Stover delves into his own psychic dreams and precognition that have played a significant part of his life over the course of many years. These dreams have provided him with a great deal of information in all aspects of his life including career guidance, improvements to his health, and substantial investment gains. Stover divides his dreams into three categories psychic, informative, and precognitive and he explains with examples how each work.

A complete chapter is devoted to developing intuition that Stover breaks down into meditation, your physical diet, the mental diet, exercise and walking meditation, recording your dreams, Yoga exercises, guided visualizations, guessing games, following hunches, synchronicity-there are no accidents, free or rapid reading, idea trees. Stover’s caveat in his conclusion to this chapter is quite noteworthy wherein he counsels his readers not to give one’s entire life over to these practices but rather to recognize and develop intuitive skills that will be used in concert with the rational mind to reach a balanced decision.

The remaining chapters of the book include dream interpretation, dream recall and incubation and major dream areas as career guidance, health and healing and stock market dreams. There is a complete section devoted to the Precognitive Stock Market Dream Group that Stover formed in 1998, after experiencing several dreams pertaining to the stock market. This group has twenty-two members scattered across Australia, Canada and the USA who share via email their dreams they have experienced concerning a wide variety of financial subjects including stocks, commodities and general market activity.

The mixing of personal story with extensive research makes this book a worthy read as well as a strong contribution to the growing number of literature pertaining to a subject matter that at times has proven to be quit controversial due to its many unanswered questions.

The above review was contributed by: NORM GOLDMAN:  Retired Title Attorney: Editor & Publisher of Bookpleasures. Here are  Norm Goldman's Reviews       

 To read Norm's interview with Walt Stover, CLICK HERE 



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