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Author: Carol J. Rottman, Ph. D.

ISBN: 1932902430

The following review was contributed by:  E.Dian Moore To read more about Dian Moore’s reviews click HERE

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WRITERS IN THE SPIRIT is a well-organized tool to both inspire and educate aspiring writers of all skill levels. Author Carol J. Rottman, Ph. D. has developed this book to encourage and teach Christian writers how to find the fullness of experience through our spiritual selves and translate that into words through all types of writing. 

Rottman encourages writers to embrace life, learn from it, immerse themselves in it and then share that life through words put to paper. 

Eleven chapters are divided into essays that further explore each facet of a writer’s life, both physical and spiritual; a writer’s prayer and tips, hints and advice; followed by a writing challenge.

WRITERS IN THE SPIRIT acts as a guide for the journey writers must take to fully realize their talent. Rottman has shined a light on the Christian writer’s path and that light can illuminate the works of art inside us all 

Throughout this unique book for writers are in-depth explorations of topics such as opening up God’s incarnational spirit, taking nourishment from God to provide fruit that will outlive the writer, and writing with fervor to overcome our self-imposed limits.

Rottman doesn’t stop there, though. She shares her personal experience of applying each concept to her life and illustrates how it then translates into discovery of one’s self, which can then better express the words residing within us.  

Searching for the meaning of our lives through writing is addressed with a reminder to return to the Bible and explore famous writing incidents such as the handwriting on the wall and the creation of the Ten Commandments. As we ponder the inspiration of the storytellers who recorded the biblical events, how then do we open ourselves to that same inspiration?

WRITERS IN THE SPIRIT is not a book to be read once then set aside to gather dust. Instead, it is a book to be digested, pondered and treasured for the long journey. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and I find myself returning to different sections as I come upon a challenge in my own writings.






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